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Family Medicine at Healthy Living Primary Care

Personalized care for the whole family

Your Reliable Primary Care Clinic

Our dedicated team of family practice and internal medicine doctors, advanced practice providers, therapists, and nutritional life coaches will be your trusted partners on your lifelong health journey. With a personalized approach, our care team takes charge of coordinating all aspects of your well-being, both inside and outside our facility.

Experience a primary care clinic that understands the importance of physicians as committed partners in your ongoing quest for optimal health. Our clinic values a holistic treatment approach that focuses on your physical, mental, and social well-being, in addition to offering a comprehensive treatment plan.

At our primary care clinic, our experienced family practice and internal medicine doctors specialize in treating a wide range of physical and mental conditions. We excel in the:

  • management of women’s health
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • depression
  • anxiety

Trust us to provide expert care and tailored treatment options for these conditions and more.

Office Procedures:

Healthy Living Primary Care Providers

What Does Family Medicine Treat?


Family medicine specialists treat a range of conditions, from a child’s ear infection to adult-onset diabetes. They can diagnose and treat most of the common issues that find their way into a doctor’s office, such as pediatric conditions, aging issues, and most things in between — all in one place. 


If something arises and we need to refer you to a specialist, we will coordinate your care with the appropriate outside specialists. We work with the specialist behind the scenes to stay involved and informed of your treatment plan until its completion.  This is just what we do to ensure the highest quality outcomes for our patients. 

The most efficient and preferred way to reach our office is through MyHillChart. You can use MyHillChart for various inquiries, such as questions about referrals, prior authorizations, appointments, or communicating with your healthcare providers. We strive to respond to MyHillChart messages within 24 hours, allowing for timely and convenient communication. Using MyHillChart also helps eliminate wait times on the phone and avoids phone tag.

If you are unable to use MyHillChart, you can still reach us by calling the office. Our team of dedicated receptionists are committed to assisting you promptly. Leaving a voice message is an effective way to get in touch with us as we check our voice mailbox regularly, approximately every hour or even sooner during busy times.