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Consider our family medicine specialists your partners for long-term health. Our goal is to support you and your family on your journey to physical and mental health. Our entire care team will help you through every stage of life and every health challenge. We offer a personal model of health care, meaning our office takes responsibility for coordinating all your care, whether it’s inside or outside our office.

Dr. Liu founded our clinic on the philosophy of a physician being a partner to every patient on their journey to improved mental and physical health. Everything in our clinic, from the provider and support staff we hire, the training we provide, and even down to where our staff sits, is structured in a manner that allows us to provide you with comprehensive, coordinated, continuous, accessible and proactive care. It’s a model of practicing medicine that ensures the best outcomes for patients, and indeed the most satisfying way to practice medicine for our providers.  Dr. Liu’s founding philosophy of our family practice clinic is to place patient-care above all and to build that strong and lasting partnership between our patient and our family practice physicians.  This philosophy guides us in everything we do.


Care Team

Dr. Jayferson Golepang, M.D.

Dr. Hernandez

What Is a Family Medicine Doctor?

A family doctor advises patients on a range of physical and mental health issues. The connection between mind and body is central to diagnosis and treatment. Important genetic connections between family members can affect health. Family physicians use broader variables to better understand your overall health and suggest options for improving.

Family doctors make good health managers. They know when to bring in medical specialists and how to coordinate care for optimal outcomes. They’re also trained in preventative care to help you prevent diseases.

There’s no “typical” patient for a family doctor. Unlike pediatricians and internists, family doctors must be able to provide care for all ages and genders — meaning they also must be equipped to treat virtually any type of disease.

It’s also important that family physicians consider their patients’ lives and family matters when treating them. The most unique part about being a family doctor is the physician’s opportunity to care for their patients and impact their health over their entire lifetime.

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What Does Family Medicine Treat?

Family medicine specialists treat a range of conditions, from a child’s ear infection to adult-onset diabetes. They can diagnose and treat most of the common issues that find their way into a doctor’s office, such as pediatric conditions, aging issues, and most things in between — all in one place. If something arises and we need to refer you to a specialist, we will coordinate your care with the appropriate outside specialists. We work with the specialist behind the scenes to stay involved and informed of your treatment plan until its completion.  This is just what we do to ensure the highest quality outcomes for our patients

Healthy Living accepts patients of all ages. We really enjoy and prefer to see the entire family because that allows us to understand the family dynamic of our patients.  We take that information into consideration when deciding the approach and the specific treatment plan to keep all members of the family healthy and happy.

The Healthy Living Promises

At Healthy Living, our doctors practice preventative medicine and hold a fundamental belief that our goal is to help patients stay healthy, age successfully, and enjoy life. We focus on helping you learn how to enhance your quality of life. Our doctors do what they do because they believe in the importance of developing lasting relationships with their patients. The following are our promises to our patients:

  • We promise to listen to you
  • We promise to apply the latest proven medical practices to your care
  • We promise to assist you in attaining your desired quality of life
  • We promise to apply a holistic approach to treating you, taking care of your physical and emotional well-being
  • We promise to provide excellent customer service

Become a Healthy Living Patient

To learn more about the benefits of family medicine, call Healthy Living Primary Care today at (916) 983-8868 or schedule an Establish Care appointment by completing the form below. We want to help you enjoy your life at optimal health.

Accepting Most Major Private Insurances

Healthy Living Primary Care works with a wide range of insurances to help individuals get the best treatment plans for their needs. We accept insurances from many carriers including, but not limited to, the below insurance providers.

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HLPC Reviews Dr. Hernandez was a breathe of fresh air. She took her time talking to me and getting to know me as a new patient. I was impressed with her genuine concern. Not too many doctors like her.

A. Ferreira

I feel that I can trust the health of my family to Dr. Joy Liu! She is very caring, knowledgeable and organized. We have been with Dr.Joy Liu for over 6 years and feel blessed to have such a Doctor! I give her my highest recommendations! HLPC Reviews

N. Haya

HLPC Reviews What a great doctor! Dr. Jay [Golepang] is thorough, attentive, understanding and caring. He truly wants to see his patients do well and get better. I would highly recommend him!

B. Cline

I love Dr. Liu as my doctor as she takes her time and carefully listens. I would recommend her to anyone who asks. HLPC Reviews

C. Kilgore

Dr.Hernandez is always great. She really shows that she cares about her patients and also if you have an questions and is always wanting to educate you on things that you aren’t familiar with.
HLPC Reviews

S. Ramirez