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Laboratories FAQ

We work with Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp.  For most laboratory orders and we can send orders and receive results directly with these laboratories. If you prefer Sutter or Marshall, please ensure you bring a printed laboratory order from our clinic to the laboratory. Check with your insurance to see which is your preferred laboratory.   

No, your laboratory orders are sent to Quest and Labcorp electronically for your convenience, so you don’t need a printed laboratory order. However, if you go to Marshall or Sutter laboratory, a printed order is required. You can still print laboratory orders from MyHillChart if desired.

If you have a PPO, most laboratory tests will count toward your deductible. Preventive laboratory tests may have limitations; please contact your insurance to clarify coverage and costs.

Western Health Advantage and Connected Care are contracted with Dignity Health Advanced Imaging. Most other plans with Hill Physician Medical Group are usually contracted with Sutter Imaging.  Straight Medicare can go to either one. For PPO, please contact your insurance to confirm the contracted imaging center.

X-rays and ultrasounds do NOT need prior authorization. We handle prior authorizations for imaging tests for CT, MRI and nuclear medicine. If required, we will notify you through MyHillChart once the authorization is complete, which may take up to 7-10 business days.

Referrals typically take 7-10 business days to process unless they are medically urgent. You will be notified through MyHillChart once your referral is completed.

Yes, please schedule an appointment with the specialist within 30 days, as some offices may disregard the referral after this period.

You can view all your results in MyHillChart prior your visit with our providers to discuss the results in detail. For straight forward results, our providers will send you interpretations through MyHillChart. If a test result requires in-depth discussion and you do have not a follow-up appointment scheduled, we will contact you through MyHillChart to schedule a follow-up appointment.

The best way to request a refill is through MyHillChart to avoid delays. You can also ask your pharmacy to send an electronic request.  Refills take 48-72 hours, so please plan ahead and give us time to process refills before you run out.  Avoid calling the office for refills to eliminate your wait time and error. Refills for certain medications, like narcotics and ADHD medications, require a visit. Check your medications for refills before each visit so your providers can give you refills at the visit. 

MyHillChart is an important tool to allow us to provide you the best care.  It offers several advantages, including access to medical records, secure communication with the office providers, video visits, appointment scheduling, prescription refills, bill payments, and viewing upcoming preventative measures. Click here to sign up for MyHillChart: 

Call Sutter Imaging or Dignity Health nearest you to schedule the test and bring in the printed order. If prior authorization is required, you will be contacted through MyHillChart after it has been completed, which may take up to 7-10 business days.  Then you can call the imaging center to schedule the appointment.