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Remote Patient Management

Convenience. Personalized Care. Improved Efficiency.

Empower Health, Beyond the Clinic

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a healthcare technology that allows patients to track and transmit their vital signs, such as blood pressure, sugar levels, and weight, from their homes to healthcare providers, enabling proactive monitoring and timely interventions. Stay in control of your wellbeing, with the flexibility to monitor your health anytime and anywhere, bridging the gaps between your routine visits to healthcare facilities.

What's Being Monitored in the Program

Blood Pressure: Regular monitoring of blood pressure to track changes and manage hypertension effectively.

Sugar Reading: Keep a close eye on blood sugar levels to maintain healthy glucose levels and manage diabetes.

 Weight Management: Track your weight progress to support your wellness journey and reach your goals.


Keep track of your health at any time and any place, bridging the gaps between your regular visits to healthcare facilities.


Get prompt feedback, interventions, & health advice from our team of healthcare experts. Stay linked in!


Remote monitoring prevents complications, enhancing cost-effective healthcare management.

Smart Integration:​

Our devices seamlessly connect with your smartphone and transmit health data to our secure system

Real-Time Updates:

Healthcare professionals receive your data in real-time, allowing them to monitor your progress and respond promptly.

Secure and Private:

Rest assured that your health data is encrypted and protected to maintain confidentiality.

Requirements For Participation​


To participate in our remote patient monitoring program, you will need a smartphone.

Blood Pressure Machine:

We provide a FREE user-friendly blood pressure machine for convenient monitoring.

Commitment to Regular Monitoring:

Commit to regularly checking your blood pressure, sugar readings, and/or weight as directed by our healthcare professionals.

Cost of Remote Patient Monitoring (RMP)


Our remote patient  monitoring services are covered by most major insurance providers.


By avoiding frequent hospital visits, you save on medical expenses. Empower Your Health: Stay Connected, Save on Medical Expenses.


Remote monitoring helps prevent complications, leading to more cost-effective healthcare management.