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Annual Wellness Visit FAQ

The AWV is a yearly preventive health check-up for Medicare beneficiaries that focuses on assessing overall health, identifying risk factors, and creating a personalized prevention plan.

  • The AWV typically includes the following components:

    • Review of Medical and Family History
    • Fall Prevention Assessment focuses on evaluating factors that could increase fall risks, especially in older adults. It includes discussions about balance, medication side effects, and recommendations for reducing fall hazards.
    • Evaluating home safety helps identify potential hazards at home that may lead to accidents or injuries. Providers offer suggestions to create a safer living environment.
    • Screening for hearing impairment. Early detection of hearing issues allows for timely interventions and improved communication and helps maintain cognitive function.
    • Memory Assessment- Identifying cognitive changes early can lead to further evaluation and appropriate support.
    • Depression and anxiety Screening helps assess mental well-being and identify signs of depression or mood disorders. Early detection enables the provision of suitable support and treatment.
    • Discussion of Advance Directives, which are legal documents outlining healthcare preferences in case a person becomes unable to make medical decisions. This ensures healthcare wishes are respected.