More than a number

Weight- a number that can invoke so many emotions from its curves and sharp endings. “Ouch, wow, oh my…” But weight is more than a number. At the beginning of each weight clinic introduction I explain the importance of tracking progress to my patients. To track progress means we must document where we initiate a change, and continue to evaluate that change as we put in effort, time, and emotion to reach our desired result. By keeping tangible progress, whether that is your weight, blood pressure, exercise routine, or water intake, we stimulate positive reinforcement for success and further motivation. Keeping track of the real, subtle changes is more important than just a number.

The change. Your change to be exact, is the important number to focus on. How you have changed- have your behaviors become more health focused? Has the 30-minute walk become easier? Have you reached for that glass of water without dreading it? Those changes are the gradual changes that can be reflected in a number on the scale, the ounces you consumed, or the distance you walked. To make a change towards overall health and wellness, we must start with setting a tangible change for the better. Making a simple habit of getting on the scale once a week can be the motivating drive we need each week to continue us on our healthy lifestyle.

With weight loss, there is the challenge and very real struggle of relapse. The change that is not desired, or what we have worked so hard for. So often we go to get on the scale and are overwhelmed with a sense of disappointment because of the number. You are more than a number. Your hard work and effort is not summed up by one number- not even a month of numbers. The changes we work on, the habits we start and work to maintain, these are the numbers at the end to count on.
Push beyond the doubt and frustration from that number. Focus on the changes you have made this month to reach your desired health and keep going!

Cheers to Health and Happiness,

Becca, Degreed Nutritionist NDTR

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