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Family Medicine

Dr. Terry Raposa, D.O.

Dr. Terry Raposa D.O. is a graduate of Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Raposa completed residency training at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona in the Department of Family Medicine. He has 27 years of experience practicing Family Medicine. He provides high-quality and exceptional care for his patients. He is a kind, caring, and compassionate physician. He is a good listener and seeks to understand the concerns of his patients. He can communicate clearly to explain the diagnosis and the treatment plan. He values your health and will help you reach your goals of good health and high quality of life. He believes in the mind-body connection. He is also a strong advocate for his patients and will go the extra mile for their well-being. Dr. Raposa is a lifelong learner. In addition to staying current with the medical literature and advances in medicine, he values relationships, family, travel, and fitness for life!

  • Be present at every visit. The most important thing to focus on during the visit is the patient in the room.
  • Calm the mind. Treat the body: It is also important to respect the mind-body interrelationship. The mind cannot hear a treatment plan until it is ready to hear it. The body cannot bear a treatment plan that is not acceptable to the mind. People get better when these two align.
  • Compassion. Provide value with compassion at every visit. It is important for people to not only receive competent and the highest quality of medical care, but also feel that they did get that level of care and compassion at the end of the visit.

Specialties & Qualifications

Specialty: Family Medicine

Areas of Interest:  General Family Medicine

Certifications: American Board of Family Medicine Certified

Licensure: CA State Medical License