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Family Medicine

Dr. Joy Liu, D.O.(Founder & CEO)

Dr. Liu received her medical degree at Western University in Pomona, Calif., and completed her residency at Methodist/Mercy Hospitals Family Practice Residency in Sacramento. She’s an attentive listener and will readily dispense a dose of advice and life lessons with your prescription. She encourages her patients to be active participants in their health and enjoys helping patients be proactive by preventing problems before they start.

For Dr. Liu, physical and mental health are equally important. Her goal is to help patients stay healthy, age successfully, and enjoy life. Her vision for healthcare follows three core values:

  • Taking Time. Healthcare isn’t something that should be rushed, and Dr. Liu realizes this. She takes as much time as she needs for a patient to completely understand their situation and options. If she’s running late for your appointment, this is why — she’s taken extra time with another patient. Dr. Liu always goes the extra mile to make sure her patients leave ready to tackle their health conditions with confidence.
  • Encouraging Patients. Liu’s philosophy isn’t about what she can do to help her patients health — it’s about teaching her patients how to be their own hero, and giving them the tools and encouragement to do so. Ultimately, a patient’s health is in their own hands.
  • Educating Patients. Along with encouraging her patients to take their health seriously and work toward their goals outside the doctor’s office, Dr. Liu believes in educating patients. Without understanding what they’re dealing with, many patients lose the motivation to improve their health.

Specialties & Qualifications

Specialty: Family Medicine

Areas of Interest:  Adolescent Medicine, Women’s Health, Obesity and Weight Management (Primary Care), General Family Medicine

Certifications: American Board of Family Medicine Certified

Licensure: CA State Medical License