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Family Medicine

Dr. Jayferson Golepang, M.D.(CMO)

Dr. Jayferson Golepang, or as he likes to be called, Dr. Jay, completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology, with Honors, at the University of the Philippines in 2005. In 2010, he completed his Doctor of Medicine, also at the University of the Philippines. He practiced medicine for a couple of years in the Philippines before deciding to follow his uncle’s footsteps to study and practice medicine in America. Dr. Jay completed his medical residency in Internal Medicine at Medstar Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland in 2016. Before joining Healthy Living Primary Care, Dr. Jay was a hospitalist at St. Josephs’ Medical Center in Stockton, CA.

Dr. Jay loves medicine and taking care of patients. He deeply believes in the importance of continuity-of-care in helping patients maintain their optimal health. Dr. Jay enjoys family practice and primary care medicine because it is the best environment to develop trustworthy, respectful, and long-lasting patient-doctor relationships. Besides a good novel, he also loves to reading and studying the latest medical research and treatment options.

Dr. Jay focuses his practice on these 3 core values:

  • Individual Empowerment.  Individual empowerment is crucial. Without the dedication of an individual towards better mental and physical health, the whole treatment plan falls apart. That is why Dr. Jay believes in listening carefully to patients regarding barriers to a care plan and finding ways to navigate around them. No plan is applicable to everyone. It needs to be tailored to each individual.
  • Patient Education.  Patients are most compliant to a care plan when 1) the patient is directly involved in the plan, and 2) fully understands the condition, the lab results, and the treatment options. This is why Dr. Jay is a very firm believer in preventative care and patient education. He spends the necessary time with patients to foster this collaboration between the doctor and the patient and to develop the best treatment plan together. Dr. Jay does not believe in dictating or forcing a plan onto the patient.
  • Latest Medical Treatments. Patients deserve the best proven medical treatment.  Dr. Jay is a ferocious reader and spends significant personal time learning about the latest treatments and recommendations.  His depth and breadth of knowledge enables him to offer more treatment options to patients and to better fine tune each treatment plan to optimally suit each individual patient.

Specialties & Qualifications

Specialty: Internal Medicine

Area of Interest:  General Family Medicine

Certifications: American Board of Internal Medicine Certified

Licensure: CA State Medical License