Make it a Date!

I am sad to admit it but unless it is on the calendar, date night in my house just does not happen. Life happens. Planned and expected dates seem to be the only way we can get a night to ourselves and enjoy it. The exact thing can happen to us for our exercise. We can hope, we can “plan” (make a verbal commitment) and then…we forget, we get busy, we find better things to do. We will talk ourselves out of it: I am too busy, I have other people to care for, I am exhausted. And we do it, a lot. The end of the month comes around and we find we are paying for a parking spot at the gym. What happened? Life.

Just as a date night with my husband requires time, so does our commitment to exercise. Trust me, it is not a hobby that we are born being “good” at. There is no magic pair of Lulu Lemons that make us amazing at Spin class and the Cats Pose. We must work at it. We must make it a priority.

I need a scheduled time on my calendar that says DATE NIGHT: ME & YOU (and possibly my dogs). IT HAS TO HAPPEN. Otherwise, we drift. Our relationship depends on it as a building block. Sure, we can get by and get our 30 minutes a day of “how are you,” but it’s not the best. We need committed time with each other to better our relationship. Doesn’t our overall health deserve the same?

Make it a date night. Make exercise a date? Okay, may not be the romantic route you might have been hoping for, but it is a start. Seriously, mark it on your calendar as a DATE. Do not treat it as a meeting you can blow off. This is a date. A relationship building appointment with you and physical activity- and any willing participants. And the more the merrier. Truly, support teams make it that much more enjoyable. Who knows, you might even start to like this new relationship. What if you don’t? Well, try another date! There are plenty of activities to take on a Date.  

Make it a date and enjoy your commitment to yourself.

Thursdays my date night, and I can’t wait.  

To Health and Happiness,