What Makes Our Weight Clinic Unique

I am very grateful to work where I feel I can make a difference in the best way I know how: Weight loss and Nutrition. Here at Dr. Liu’s Weight Clinic, I feel like I really have the opportunity to help people, and nutrition is my passion so I get the best of both worlds.  Weight loss is possible but can be extremely difficult without help from some sort of program or meal plan. Choosing the right program to help you reach your goal is very important! In order for any program to work, it needs your commitment and dedication for a period of time. Weight loss is difficult enough as it is.  It’s important to find a solution that doesn’t make you feel miserable or deprived, and it needs to be realistic to you as an individual.

I am certain our Weight Clinic at Dr. Joy Liu’s office offers the best opportunity for weight loss, and here’s why:

  • We customize meal plans to your needs
  • We create meal plans with or without the use of meal replacements.  Your choice!
  • We use high end Nutri-Med protein supplements, which taste great.
  • We have a program almost identical to other popular weight loss programs, yielding the same results, for a fraction of the cost.
  • We can create high protein, low carbohydrate and low calorie plans for accelerated weight loss.We can also create plans using all whole foods, based strictly on calories for steady weight loss.
  • You tell me what foods you want to incorporate!
  • We can make changes to your plan at any time.
  • Visits are covered by insurance, you are just responsible for your co-pay
  • You get one-on-one visits with me on a weekly basis for help and accountability.
  • You get one-on-one visits with Dr. Liu or our PA Loran monthly for medical supervision.
  • We focus on healthy eating habits, exercise, and behavior modifications.
  • We have a Maintenance phase built into our program for continuous support to help you keep the weight off.

I have listed the main components of our Weight Clinic.  What makes us so unique is that we get to know you first, discuss options, and come up with a meal plan together. You don’t have to commit to one specific type of plan, instead we tailor it to you!  We take the time to listen to your needs, and we work with you to make sure you are happy with the program you are on.  If at any time you feel like it is not working for you or you want to make a change, no problem!  We will sit down and discuss other options until you are satisfied.  If you are considering joining a weight loss program, please give us a call for more information.  I would love the opportunity to be able to help you!