Week 4 Habits Challenge

Week 4 of Habits Challenge for Weight loss

This brings us to the end of January. One month in and I am feeling my confidence scale go down 2 points. I am tired, hungry, and already not wanting to make my bed in the morning.

What is it with the winter blues?

Time to focus on the little things I can do to help keep my head in the right mindset.

Dr. BJ Fogg is a brilliant man that I have stumbled upon that helps us do just that: Focus on the little things to change behaviors.

His Fogg Behavior Model shows how behaviors change when we combine motivation, ability, and a prompt that drives us to action.  https://www.behaviormodel.org/

I found this amazingly simple to apply and so far, has helped keep my mindset positive.

We can be easily overwhelmed with our goals and expectations. We start our day with hope-filled notions “I want to drop 50 pounds by May” or “I am going to run a marathon my march.” By the end of the day we are depressed by our failure as we devoured a cookie or sat and watched our 5th sitcom in a row. SO much for that goal.

Take a deep breath and start over. This time start small. Dr. BJ Fogg suggests 3 tiny daily habits that can be completed in a matter of 30 seconds. Simple and mind changing.

As we get use to doing simple tasks that help us reach our ultimate goal, we see change. Change in our mindset, change in our confidence, change in our behaviors. Suddenly that 30-second habit has created new habits that build and bloom into a goal we didn’t think possible.

So I am starting with making my bed.


Only takes 30 seconds.

What tiny habit are you willing to try?