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TGIF – Don’t Eat That Honey!

TGIF – Don’t Eat That Honey! is our weekly Friday feature that recommends what NOT to eat when you dine out on the weekend.  The temptation is greatest on the weekend.  Whether you are losing weight on your own or have joined our weight loss program, “rewarding” yourself after a long week of work is most difficult to resist.  This series will  highlight the most dangerous foods to avoid. 


Johnny Rockets – Bacon Cheddar Double Burger


Our beloved Johnny Rockets.  We see them everywhere, particularly in malls and near movie theaters.  Great convenience and great comfort food.  All that shopping can get girl (or guy) tired.  You do need a pick-me-up meal.

If you are there, avoid this bad boy.  The Cheddar Bacon Double Burger will certainly not pick you up.  It’ll instead load you up, with grease (126g of fat and 355mg of cholestrol), sodium (2380mg), and calories (1760Cal).  This item will put you over the top for everything that’s bad for you.  Stuff that’s good for you, like fiber, is very low at 4g! Definitely not going in the right direction.

Enjoy trying on new clothes.  Enjoy the shopping.  Enjoy your company.  Enjoy your coffee, yogurt, and even Sweet Factory at the food court.  Definitely don’t go pig out on the Bacon Cheddar Double Burger.



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