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TGIF – Don’t Eat That Honey!

TGIF – Don’t Eat That Honey! is our weekly Friday feature that recommends what NOT to eat when you dine out on the weekend.  The temptation is greatest on the weekend.  Whether you are losing weight on your own or have joined our weight loss program, “rewarding” yourself after a long week of work is most difficult to resist.  This series will  highlight the most dangerous foods to avoid. 


IHOP – Country Fried Steak and Eggs


Did you know that IHOP also owns Applebee’s?  Anywho, IHOP serves a breakfast consisting of deep-fried steak with gravy, two fried eggs, deep-fried potatoes, and two buttermilk pancakes.  Not sure how you can eat all that at breakfast, but that’s not even the point.  The Country Fried Steak & Eggs combo has 1540 calories in a 1 order serving.  Calorie breakdown: 49% fat, 36% carbs, 15% protein.  That’s like having five McDonald’s Egg McMuffins sprinkled with 10 packets of sugar.  IHOP makes McDonald’s breakfast like a healthy snack.

Dr. Liu always talks about portion control and eating frequent small quantities.  Choking down this amount of food, even if they are celery and broccoli, is a very bad idea.  You are stretching out your stomach and getting into a cycle of eating more and more before filling full.  Always exercise portion control.  If you are somehow “forced” to order this at IHOP, eat some and pack the rest to go.  There are always tricks to saving yourself. 🙂


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