Who Is the Ideal Candidate for SculpSure?

who is the ideal candidate for sculpsure

A body contouring procedure like SculpSure can make significant changes to your appearance in a short amount of time. Those problem areas you struggled with for years can begin to tighten up in weeks. For the best results, you want to be sure you are an ideal candidate for this treatment.

Ideal Lifestyle

The lifestyle of an ideal candidate for SculpSure is balanced and healthy. Adhering to a proper diet and regular exercise routine are part of a healthy way of life. Overall good physical health and reasonable expectations will ensure you’re happy with the results of your SculpSure treatment.

Are There Age Restrictions for SculpSure?

There are no age restrictions for SculpSure, but older candidates will see slower results because their metabolism tends to be slower. Senior patients can also expect to require more than one SculpSure treatment to achieve their goals.

Ideal BMI For A SculpSure Candidate

The ideal candidate for SculpSure is within 10 to 20 pounds of their ideal weight and has a BMI around 30. SculpSure is not a weight-loss procedure. For best results, you need to control your weight through diet and exercise. If you can’t maintain a healthy weight, the areas treated with SculpSure will become problems again and require additional treatments.

How to Know If SculpSure Is Right for You

Have you already addressed your weight loss goals but are having trouble getting rid of the remaining problem areas? If you just want to make small improvements to your body contour — without surgery and long recovery times — SculpSure may be what you need.

A consultation with a SculpSure Specialist at Healthy Living Primary Care is the best way to know if the procedure is right for you. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about how SculpSure can benefit you.


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    *Updated: September 26, 2017