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Open Letter – From Samantha Liu

My 8-year-old daughter wrote this letter to help raise money for Relay For Life. I wanted to share this with everybody.  I am proud of her for her enthusiasm and boundless energy doing fundraising every night, after completing her homework.  And it’s been a wonderful dinner table conversation about life, charity, community, and self.  Thank you to the entire office for starting this fundraising and sharing this with my family and all our friends and patients.

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Cancer is a terrible disease because people suffer and die from it.  Don’t we all know someone who had or has cancer? Well I do.  My great-grandmother died from it two years ago.  I know why cancer is terrible because my mother is a doctor.  My mom talks to me about her patients who suffer from cancer.  This is why I want to help people who have cancer.  Fundraising for Relay for Life is my opportunity to help people with cancer.  So, would you please help me with raising money?  Every dollar counts!  Together, we can help a lot of people.  If you want to help more, come join us to walk on April 30 and help us with fundraising!


Samantha Liu