New Product for Weight Clinic

Through Robard’s meal replacements our patients have been able to confidently and comfortably work on weight loss and healthy eating habits without the stress of finding beneficial snacks. Robard has designed their meal replacement and snack items to be nutritionally dense all the while cutting back on calories and saturated fats.

We are excited to introduce these new snack item Fava Chips Garlic & Herb and Spicy Cheddar are a great addition for our patients working through our STAR program and needing the mid-day crunch.

Other new products that have been introduced to our program are Tangy Lemon pudding and Banana cream pudding. Both of these products can also be used as shakes for a more on the go meal replacement. Wanting something savory? We have the Minestrone Soup, Chili, and Sloppy Joe meal replacements to give you a hearty meal without additional calories.