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My SculpSure Experience – Tammy

After the birth of twins I developed a kangaroo pouch. I have contemplated plastic surgery for about 5 years now, however, have never gone through with it. The long recovery time, the pain, and the cost were all concerns. When our office got the SculpSure laser systSculpSure Laserem, I was the first on board to try it out. Non-invasive fat removal?! No recovery time and no pain?! I was sold. Being affordable is gravy. I was a little skeptical that a laser could do the same thing as a knife. It just seemed too good to be true, but I had complete faith in Dr. Liu’s research.

When I had  the chance to try it, I was a little anxious thinking it might hurt because the SculpSure laser is doing lipolysis, or killing of the fat cells. Dr. Liu explained that this is different from all other lasers on the market today, which only “melts” fat cells, ie, encourage them to release the fat, but do not kill them. My experience was better than I expected. The SculpSure lasers do get warm but right as I start to feel the tingly sensation/discomfort the cooling cycle begins. The procedure cycles the SculpSure laser through a period of warmth for 2 minutes followed by a period of cooling for 1 minute. I was able to comfortably get through the treatment while watching a TV show on my phone. The entire SculpSure treatment took 25minutes; I barely finished my show. I took photos before the procedure and then waited about 6 weeks to take more. At 6 weeks I actually thought I looked a little larger in my abdominal area but knew I had also gained a little weight.

About 7 weeks after my initial treatment I treated the same area again. Tammy Before and AfterThe recommended time between treatments is 6-8 weeks. My experience the second time was different than the first. The tingling sensations did feel a little stronger but I still was able to get through it without trouble. There is also an option to adjust the intensity of the SculpSure lasers, but I didn’t opt for that; I kept the same intensity as my first treatment. The second time I developed several small nodules in the fatty tissue in my abdomen. I followed instructions to massage the area several times a day. With massage, the nodules went away in about 2 weeks. I took photos again 12 weeks from my initial treatment date and was shocked to see the difference. I still carried the
additional weight I had put on previously, but my abdomen had significantly less volume and was much more defined. I am extremely happy with my SculpSure results and may decide to treat the same area one more time in the future to be EVEN happier.