Leader of the Month

I recently asked our top leaders in weight loss to answer a few questions about their weight loss journey to inspire the rest of our dedicated members at Healthy Living’s Weight Clinic. This member has shown time and time again that hard work and dedication pay off.  Her commitment to the program is shown through her attendance of weekly meetings, her ability to apply every learned behavior and nutrition module; and her dedication to taking control of her diet by choosing to make a healthy life her reality. To date our leader has lost over 30 pounds by following her diet and exercise goals. She is such an inspiration to this team and I am very happy to have the privilege of sharing her encouraging words:



What motivated you to start this journey?

“Myself! I’m lucky to have a supportive husband and family/friend group that has never made me feel less than – however I’ve been unhappy with my weight for most of my life. I’ve tried numerous programs (juicing, Atkins, weight watchers etc.) Some were successful, some not. I’ve taken nutrition classes in college, I played sports for years, I’ve trained with competent trainers at gyms – I KNOW what it takes to be healthy (no magic bullet, folks, it’s all about diet and exercise) but also love the comfort of sugary/starchy foods, and admittedly use food as a distractor, activity enhancer, stress avoider and so on. Having a loving partner and family almost made it easier to continue living an unhealthy lifestyle, as no one would call me on it! The heavier I got, the less confident I felt and the more shut off from the world I became. I’d limit my outside and social activities simply because I didn’t like how clothes looked on me and I felt the symptoms of depression taking over. I knew that Healthy Living PC had a weight loss program, however it took me over a year to make my initial appointment. I wasn’t ready to put in the work, I believed it easier to keep on the path I was on. It took for my husband to ask me if I was happy – because I didn’t seem so. I wasn’t. It wasn’t him, or my super cool dog, or my home… it may have been my job… but it was mostly that I wasn’t happy with me – and I knew it was because of my weight and how it made me feel. Time to change. I did not want to guess any longer as to what the best/trendiest weight loss program would be for me. We are all different and I had so many people offering up different suggestions that they SWEAR by. Good for them. I wanted structured guidance, accountability, and the comfort of knowing I was on a plan that would work and support my specific needs – enter the weight clinic.”


What advice would you give to someone starting out/struggling?

“We’re not perfect. It’s ok to mess up – just don’t use that as an excuse to give up. And when you do make a poor choice (even on purpose) move on and decide what you will do to make it up to yourself. There are times when I know I’m going out to eat, and the food is going to be gooood and I know that I’m going to eat an unapproved item(s). I try very hard to not beat myself up over it, and to schedule in a long walk or 30min at home work out video on the day of AND the next day to make up for the indulgence – then I let it go. I work to stick to the program as close as possible Monday through Friday, schedule times to exercise (aka MOVE – doesn’t need to be fancy), and on weekends when I know I’m more likely to eat out or have a drink, I make MOVING a higher priority. It’s a numbers game – calories in, calories out, on a continuous rolling cycle.

Get rid of the crap food. When I’m hungry, I grab what’s there to eat. If only celery is there…. I’ll just wait 😉 I cannot be trusted to not get down on a bag of chips – so there are no chips in my house.

Hungry and not time to eat? Drink water/tea (so much water). Chew gum. Go for a walk.

Keep your WHY in mind. Change your WHY when needed.

Reward yourself with gifts – not food/cheat days. Rewire the part of your brain that sees food as a reward for hard work. It’s not. Food is fuel (I’m still working on this).

Portion size – 1 plate is enough for your body. Seconds are unnecessary and will likely leave you feeling too full (of regret).”



What inspiring words from a woman who has taken control of her diet and is dedicated to changing her lifestyle. We at Healthy Living are so proud of you and your accomplishments!

Cheers to health and happiness,

-Becca, NDTR Nutrition Consultant