Kali’s Journey

This is Kali’s Weight loss story starting in October of 2018. Her story has inspired many in their own weight loss journey that we wanted to continue to inspire others. These posts are her journey, her struggles, successes, and most importantly, her passion to persevere!

December 11,2018:

Hi guys! Kali here again with an update on my weight loss journey. With the holidays here, it has been quite the struggle to say no to all the delicious baked goods that my friends and family make this time of year. I admit, I haven’t lost any weight recently. However, the most important thing I have learned over the past year of losing weight, if you fall down, you get back up! I have started going back to the gym and continue eating healthy during the day. After the holidays I will be going back to my stricter diet and be back on my way to hitting my goal weight! Stay tuned!!

#Perseverance #HLPC

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