January Habit Challenge

Here we go, week 2 of January Habit Changing Challenge

I really love what Joy Mccarthy wrote in her blog Joyous Health 16 Food swaps for a healthier you. “One of the best things you can do to start implementing healthy, sustainable habits is to start by making simple swaps.” I think that is a perfect reminder as we wrap up the second week of January, we are focusing on simple habits for a long-term healthy sustainable lifestyle. Taking small steps into our new year and how we want to better ourselves does not require drastic changes in the first weeks. Each day we can approach a new behavior we want to modify, habit we want to kick, or start something new. Simple swaps in your day can make those changes easier to accomplish and ultimately a routine of habit.

Joy’s 16 swaps may not all fit into our daily life, but here were a few that I really liked:

Swap soda for Kombucha

Now kombucha can be an acquired taste, but I get where she is coming from- swap out the soda for something lower in sugar and, if possible, provides more health benefits. Kombucha is full of probiotics that are fantastic for our gut. However, the flavor can be a little much for some people. Try adding sparkling water or unsweetened herbal tea’s to your beverage list if kombucha is not your cup of tea.

Swap pasta for brown rice, chickpea or lentil pasta.

We all know that pasta can be an empty carbohydrate that has little else in the nutrient world. However, swapping out the plain penna for whole wheat, brown rice, chickpea or even lentil pasta can boost the nutrients in your meal. Chickpea and lentil pasta are very high in protein and can provide a complete meal when paired with a cauliflower “Alfredo” sauce and roasted broccoli.

Swap bottled dressing for homemade

We tend to think this takes way too long. But in reality, making homemade dressing requires a shaker, ingredients, and a strong arm. The plus side is you are reducing the amount of fat and sugar in your salad dressing when made at home. Dressing can also be as simple as lemon juice, black pepper, and Italian seasoning. Learning how to dress down our salad instead of laying on the Ranch can help us reduce our fat and sodium intake.