Is Ketogenic Good?

Hey Guys, Becca here,

I have had a lot of questions this summer on the very popular Ketogenic diet. So what is all the hype about this diet anyways? This article written just few years ago really digs into the science and mechanisms behind the Ketogenic Diet and why it has caused such great results. I found it very insightful and helped curbed my nerdy need to understand the science behind the diet.
A key point that is addressed in the article that I believe is missed in most hype diets is exactly how long we should be restricting ourselves. Paoli found that long term weight loss and management was most effective when the low carbohydrate diet was followed for a short period of time, broken up by a longer period diet of moderate carbohydrate intake, healthy fats, and variety of fruits and vegetables known as the Mediterranean diet.
I cheer at this since this is exactly how our Weight Clinic program is designed!
Check out the article and tell me what you think!