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Introducing Richard

Hello! I am Richard Hill, a successful patient of the Dr. Joy Liu Weight Clinic. I’ll be sharing some of the tools I have been using to keep on track.

Weight loss is not easy! Most of us have tried many times to get our weight under control. Sometimes we have some success and then our old habits resurface unless we find new habits and stick to them. We have to enjoy the new habits if we want to keep them around. I’ll share my approach to the program and some tools I use to help keep me on track and on the program, while enjoying the process and eating good food. I prepare two meals each day. I need to prepare meals that pass my wife’s taste buds as well as my own, and keep my total daily calories under 1100 calories.

I have to admit that I’m not normally very good at calorie counting, especially when I’m with good company and there is good food in front of me. How big of a meal did I just eat? How many calories were in that meal? How many glasses of water did I drink? Using program food for breakfast and for three snacks per day means I only have to deal with lunch and dinner. I’ve discovered that eating lots of fresh vegetables and unprocessed meats tastes great and keeps me quite comfortable, even when the total meal is about 250-300 calories. I’ve also learned that processed foods get me into trouble in a hurry, especially salt trouble.

I use, along with a food scale ( and measuring spoons and cups, to plan meals. Typical program foods for breakfast and snacks, and some fiber chews add up to 600 calories per day. Therefore, my lunch and dinner can’t exceed 500 calories if I am to stay at or below an 1100 calorie per day diet. has a huge library of nutritional data that makes it reasonably easy to document what you eat, and to plan meals. I’ll provide more information soon. I also print out my menus with their caloric values and carbohydrate, fat and protein values, and with sodium and sugar values. I give that documentation to the Weight Clinic staff for my weekly food intake summary. I’ll provide more information on that process soon. Good luck and enjoy dieting!

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