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In Loving Memory Of Maggie

It is witmaggieh heavy hearts that we wish to inform our patients that our sweet Maggie was killed in a motorcycle accident early Monday morning, 9-26-16. All of you who had the pleasure of meeting Maggie will remember what a kind and fun girl she was. She was often joking and teasing with our patients.  She was also a very hard worker. She always stayed very busy at the office, often asking others if they needed any help with their own work. Maggie was a single mom. She worked a second job outside of our office in the evenings in an effort to provide a good life for her son, as well as always helping her parents. She has stayed very focused on becoming a doctor.  She worked hard to save money and just last month was able to go back to school again! She would often come to the office on Saturdays and Sundays to make up the hours that were lost while she was at school each week. She will be sorely missed in the office, we truly feel the void that has been left in her absence.  She was so easy to love.

A Go-Fund-Me page has been set up for Maggie’s son and parents.  They will need help paying for her funeral, as well as the blessing that any financial assistance will give them. Please join hands with us as we say goodbye to a wonderful girl, and offer one last contribution to her family.