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Hike to Hope Valley

This last weekend I took a hike with my mom in Hope Valley, which is near South Lake Tahoe, off Highway 88.  It is beautiful right now because the Quaking Aspen trees are displaying their fall colors for a limited period of time, with open fields and gorgeous mountains in the background.  There are several hikes in the area, but the one we enjoyed most was at the junction of Highway 88 and 89.  West Carson River flows near the entrance, and there is a long cemented pathway you can take that  passes through the fields toward the mountains, accessible to just about anyone.  I saw a couple people on walkers out there!  There are also miles of open fields on either side with easy terrain for meandering off trail, perfect for letting a dog (or children) run around and explore!

I really encourage anyone to try out this trail for the ease and mostly for the beauty.  It’s worth the drive!  If you are more of an avid hiker there is another hike right across the street that goes up a gravel road and several other trails sprout from it.  My mom and I hiked that direction for a couple miles as well, and it was also beautiful.  I think a few of those trails lead to lakes eventually, but we did not make it that far.  If you don’t want to drive this far for a hike I understand but I really encourage hiking (or leisurely walking) outdoors to stay active when possible.  It so much more rewarding and enjoyable than going to a gym!

Here are a few pictures from our hike.