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Final Office Weigh-In


As of today, our Four Week Weight Loss Challenge is  over!  If you remember from our initial Challenge Rules in my first blog (, we had four weeks to achieve a 4% weight loss.  Ten people total decided to take the challenge.  We each paid $10 to put in a pot, and the rules state that the people who reach the 4% loss get to divide the pot, whoever does not loses their money.

This challenge was not created to make the winners a lot of money and bum out the people who didn’t make it.  We wanted a low buy-in, just enough to make the challenge official and motivate everyone to try.

Here are the results:

Two people lost more than 4% of their body weight!  Myself and one other lady from our office met the challenge goal.  Five other people lost weight as well! Although they did not quite reach the challenge goal in time, are still very happy with their loss!  The other three stayed about the same and were happy to focus on eating more nutritious foods  and forming healthier habits.  Challenge aside, any improvement to one’s health is something to celebrate and be happy for!  So I feel like even though not everyone reached a 4% loss, everyone benefitted from this challenge.

My experience of this challenge:

This is the first time I’ve done any kind of weight loss challenge but I was excited to try it.  I gained a little weight during the holidays, so I thought this might give me a little push to get those added pounds back off.  It worked!  I’ve done a lot of dieting and calorie-watching over the years and my weight fluctuates, but I have always been the most successful when there’s something specific that’s motivating me.  In the past that motivation has come from planned trips or vacations- if I have a date set to go somewhere (especially if I’ll be getting in a bathing suit)  I am determined to get myself to a weight that I’m happy with.  This challenge worked the same way for me, and I only had to pay $10 instead of the cost of a trip:)  Having a plan (ex. 1200 calories/day), a goal date not too far out (ex. 1 month), and involving other people (accountability) provided all the motivation I needed to carry out this challenge.  I watched my calories more closely for a longer period of time and I made it priority to exercise more often. Now I definitely would recommend forming or joining a Weight Loss Challenge to anyone, regardless of how much weight you want to lose or how much the winning pot is!  It might provide that extra motivation you need to improve your health or to feel more comfortable in a bathing suit this summer!

Let our Weight Clinic help!your success is our goal

Once you join a challenge, come to our Weight Clinic or visit our website  so we can provide you with the weight loss plan you need to help you succeed!  We will tell you what to eat to reach your goal in time.   Maybe you can even win some big bucks through your challenge!  You can take a little trip to celebrate your success, after-all:)