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doc.patient    Another act of kindness that has stuck in my mind for about a year happened on an afternoon when we were particularly busy.  We had an emergency patient arrive that needed attention. Loran Killar, one of our PA’s, happened to be handling the situation that day.  At the same time she was dealing with this emergent situation we also had a new patient filling out paperwork in the lobby.  Time flew by and Loran soon realized that she was behind schedule.  She was tending to one patient in a room while at the same time being worried about the first impression that might be made on our new patient outside.  She took a moment to run into the lobby, formally introduce herself and shake hands with her next patient, and took the time to explain the situation and apologized for not being on time. The patient was more than pleased at the gesture.  Personally, I sat and reflected on it, once again being touched at the genuine concern expressed from provider to patient.  I’ve been in the medical field for 14 years now and I’ve NEVER seen this particular act of courtesy.  I am continually reminded of how lucky I am to be with this group of women.