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compassion picI have the lucky advantage of being able to sit at the front desk in Dr Liu’s office.  From here I get to greet each patient as they walk through the door, as well as see all the “behind the scenes” action of the doctors, PA’s, and MA’s.  Every now and then I see something exceptional that touches my heart so I thought I’d take a second to share the most recent. One of our sweet patients had spent 30 minutes with one of our providers and was waiting to be discharged.  Dr Liu was just starting her lunch break when she saw this patient. She took a moment to run into the lobby just to say hello, at which point the patient began to cry. Dr Liu put her arm around her and escorted her back into a room to chat, just as friends, as one woman reaching out to another in need.  Dr Liu consistently shows compassion and humanity to her patients in ways as simple as this one.