Challenge Yourself!




Wondering how you are going to motivate yourself to lose some weight after the holidays are over?  Getting the motivation to start a diet and stick with it can be very difficult.  Sometimes we need a little push to take that first step.  I have some suggestions to help!


  1. Do some research now so you know what program or diet you want to start (Of course I recchallenge-yourselfommend our Weight Clinic!, and give yourself an official “start date.”
  2. Make sure  to have a plan for what you are going to eat for the week, and get the groceries BEFORE your start date.  Write out your food plan for the week and put it on your fridge.  This is your food “prescription.”
  3. Keep a separate log for your actual food journal.  Write everything you eat and drink for the week, when you eat it.  Or use My Fitness Pal or any other app for tracking your food.
  4. Find something or someone that will hold you ACCOUNTABLE.  I believe that the most important thing for success is accountability.  No matter what weight loss plan you’re on, or even if you’re not following a plan, just knowing that you have to show someone your weight on a regular basis will make you think twice about indulgences.  OR if you are not comfortable sharing  your weight, show someone your food journal for the week.
  5. One Option: If you use My Fitness Pal, go into your diary settings and allow it to be seen with a passcode.  Give that passcode to someone who is willing to help you achieve your goals.
  6. Start a challenge!  Find some friends or co-workers who also want to shed some holiday pounds.  Start a “pot”- have each person pay a certain amount of money to join the challenge. Set the money aside for the end of the challenge.  Decide what you want the goal to be- if it’s weight loss, decide on a percentage weight loss (this is the only way it is fair to all people in the challenge because people lose at different rates depending on how much they weigh).  A suggestion for the goal: 4% loss in four weeks.  This is a 6 pound loss in one month for someone who weighs 150 pounds, or an 8 pound loss for someone who weighs 200 pounds.  Everyone who hits this goal gets to split the pot, and those who don’t lose their money.  Meet your friends or co-workers weekly or at the end of the month for your “weigh ins”,  or take a picture of yourselves on the scale and send to each other as your proof.
  7. You can also join other challenges online with the same concept.  Diet Bet is a website with several challenges to chose from and join, or you can start your own and allow other people to join your challenge!  Here is the website:
  8. Plan something shortly after your challenge end date as a reward, only if you reach your goal (Maybe a massage, a pedicure, a day trip somewhere, a new outfit, etc.)
  9. Get started and don’t give up!believe-achieve-succeed