Be proud & Persevere

I recently went to a Cross Fit competition as a spectator cheering on my coach as she kicked booty in her 4th event that weekend. It was amazing to see her progression from the last several months of training come to completion that day as she hit her Personal Record (PR) for 205-pound clean.

I also noticed the people surrounding me- amazing men and women of all ages working on their passion: their health. These people were not just fit and healthy, they were strong and beamed with pride for their accomplishments. As they should. Knowing what it takes to train and compete at this competition, they should be proud of their accomplishments.

As you should be for your accomplishments.

No matter how small or how simple, any changes you make to better your health are ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Be proud! Working on improving your hydration? Get excited when you tackle that first 12 ounces! Trying to wake up 15 minutes early so you can pack your lunch before work? Get pumped when that alarm goes off! Okay, no one ever is happy to hear their alarm, but you get my point. Be motivated for your habits by celebrating your success. It is never too early or too late to target a healthy habit. It’s your call, your passion that will make it.

My coach didn’t wake up that Friday morning and say, “oh I guess I will get in shape today to hit my goals.” No! She worked Hard and LONG. Our patient Maggie did not lose 100 pounds in 1 week, not even in 12 weeks. It took a year for Maggie to reach her weight loss goal. Hard work, dedication, and positive self affirmation were key points to her success. Feeling unmotivated? She created a “game” for herself to stay on track. Maggie started small with her goals and passions until her passion for health became her drive.

My point: Be proud of the little things. Notice the small changes and Celebrate them!

Reflect through weekly reviews using your tracking apps, photos, food logs, and journals. Notice the changes you made and be proud of those accomplishments.

Key Points for Healthy Habits:

  • Make Realistic Habits
  • Set goals and End dates for accountability.
  • Have a support system

Cheers to Health & Happiness,

Becca, NDTR Nutritionist

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