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Are Nuts Recommended for Weight Loss?


In our Weight Clinic, we suggest eating 5-6 times a day, using small low-carb snacks between breakfast, lunch, and dinner to help with weight loss.  This helps keep your metabolism going, gives you energy, and stabilizes your blood sugar throughout the day.  Nuts are one of our recommendations because they are low in carbohydrate and contain healthy fats, fiber, and protein, among other nutrients.  Nuts are also a tricky suggestion because they are high in calories, mostly coming from the high fat content.  It is very easy to over-do it on nuts and derail your diet.

We suggest one hundred to two hundred calories as a snack between meals, depending on your overall calorie requirement.  As far as nuts are concerned, it doesn’t take much to reach 100 calories.  Here is a picture chart  to show you how many nuts you can have.calories of nuts

Here’s the solution to eating nuts while on a diet:  Nuts need to be portioned out to succeed with having them as a snack.   Most people consume far more than our suggested 100 calorie portion of nuts.  Usually they are purchased in a large tub with a 1 ounce serving size for somewhere between 170 and 200 calories.  How are we supposed to know how many nuts are in 1 ounce without weighing them?  This leads us to snack out of the tub without any knowledge of how many calories we are consuming.  So, as I suggest to all my Weight Clinic patients, if you want nuts as a snack the best thing to do would be to either purchase the “100 calorie packs” of nuts, or if you don’t want to spend the extra money for it to be portioned out for you (like I don’t), buy the tub of nuts and some small  ziploc bags and portion it out yourself.  Count out 14 almonds for a 100 calorie pack (or the amount you want) and portion them in multiple zip-lock bags so you have snacks  ready to go for the week.  You can keep these at home, at work, and in your car so you always have a healthy snack available when you need it and you can be assured that it fits into your diet plan.