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Above and Beyond!


Today I witnessed another reason to talk out loud!  One of our sweet patients was injured recently. She arrived at the office with a few of her loving family members. Unfortunately, she was in so much pain she was unable to get out of the car.  One of the family members came in and expressed their concern that they were unable to move the patient. After a few minutes there was a buzz in the office that perhaps Dr. Liu should step outside and assess the situation.  I was quickly brought back to the pace in the office and lost track of the situation.  Soon after,  I happened to glance out the window and noticed a few people sitting in the car outside. The two people in the front seat were talking, but had their bodies turned toward the back of the car. I immediately looked to the back seat and saw the all too familiar lab coat of Dr. Liu, sitting next to the individual in the back and caring for her patient right there in the car!  I’m a sucker for this stuff….I just sat there while the tears welled up in my eyes. Best doctor ever!